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  Address: 6-7 Floor,Building Comprehensive,NO.26,Hengshan Road,Longhu District,Shantou City,Guangdong
Linkman: Fu Xiaomei 18664462800
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  Shantou Good Partner Packing Craft Co., LTD. is a comprehensive enterprise made up of research and development, design, production, the processing and the sales. We specialized? engaged in the cosmetics packaging production for many years and have a standard neat modernized production plant and professional technical team.
  We have the advanced injection molding, crowded blow, blow moulding and other production machinery.We also form a complete set of clean spraying production line and the automation of screen printing, stamping and other high-end equipment, so that customers can get a new systematic packaging supporting services. Help you reduce your purchase cost of products directly, and tailor the delicate product for you to sales.All of these fully embodie that our one-step service? make the customers more trust and satisfaction, let us create more value for customers.
“微震”时期 2012-8-11
第二代推拿滚珠头—不扯皮!不漏液!... 2012-8-11
微震推拿眼霜瓶专利证书 2012-8-19
汕头好同伴包装工艺有限公司的企业证书 2012-8-18
2012年5月列入上海美博会 2012-8-14
厂家供给H2007#膏霜瓶 化妆品瓶
厂家供给H2009#膏霜瓶 化妆品瓶 化妆品包材
厂家供给50ML试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给膏霜瓶 PP瓶 化妆品瓶 化妆品包材
厂家供给H1110#实空瓶 乳液瓶 化妆品瓶
厂家供给试用装 赠品瓶 小膏霜瓶 化妆品瓶
厂家供给试用装 赠品瓶 小膏霜瓶 化妆品瓶
厂家供给H6010试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给H6030#试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给H6301#试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给H6302#试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给H6303#-1试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给H6305#y试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给H6304#试用装 赠品瓶 水乳瓶
厂家供给H6308#膏霜瓶 试用装 赠品瓶
厂家供给H6307-1#膏霜瓶 试用装 赠品瓶
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厂家供给H6306-1#膏霜瓶 试用装 赠品瓶
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供给试用装 赠品瓶 小膏霜瓶 化妆品瓶 化妆品包材
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厂家供给微震眼霜瓶 微震推拿瓶 新款走珠瓶
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厂家供给眼霜瓶 走珠瓶 不锈钢钢珠瓶
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